I had to ‘Share This’

When a book has the title Share This I guess the only thing to do is to share it. Once again the CIPR have come up with a handbook for PR Professionals that is easy to digest and full of little nuggets of information. I shall certainly add it to me list of useful reads for the students at the University of Lincoln. Once again i find myself waving my Stephen Waddington fan club banner as he has to take credit as the editor.

For me as a lapsed practitioner now working in academia it has been really useful to flick through the chapters and see where my knowledge and skills are lacking and to get some ideas from those that are active in the fast changing arena that is social media. I am delighted that the book doesn’t add to the hype around social media but is rational in its recommendations for the practice of PR. Yes PR is changing because we have new and fast paced set of channels of communication at our disposal and yes it is special because it does open the door to truly two-way communications. In Philip Sheldrake’s chapter on Real-time Public Relations he makes direct reference to Grunig’s Excellence Model and how social media contributes to “…fostering mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its public.”

Another chapter to catch my eye was Skilling up for the Future contributed by Daljit Bhurji. This chapter deals with integrated storytelling, a current obsession of my own. He considers how storytelling, content creation and curation joined with technology skills will make the rounded PR professional of the future. Here at Lincoln as the new academic year looms story telling is a big theme as we start our second year in the School of Journalism, the story tellers have come together!

Finally I must mention Adam Parker’s chapter on Media Relations Modernised. PR is about very many ways of communicating, telling the client’s story. Yes we are strategists, yes we work within organisations and do very many more things than mere media relations but we cannot escape the fact that media relations is still part of the core PR business. To get a sneak look at using social media to good effect as a means of ‘influencer engagement’ is very worthwhile and I look forward to learning more about Lissted.


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