Undermining Democracy? PCC Elections

It never ceases to amaze me just how out of touch with real people this Government is and furthermore how Theresa May and her Home Office acolytes continue to ride rough shod over sound advice from established and credible organisations. The latest turn of events is not about privatising our Police but relates to ignoring advice from the Electoral Commission about how to conduct the Police and Crime Commissioner elections due to be held 15th November 2012. The Home Office have decided to completely disenfranchise large numbers of the electorate and further damage confidence in democracy in this country. They have decided that the electorate do not need to know about the individual candidates standing for election as Police Commissioners they only need to know the election is taking place and how to vote. An information booklet will be sent to every household and the Home Office will mount a multi media campaign about the elections. However, contrary to the advice given by the Electoral Commission to the Government, none of this will contain information about the individual candidates standing for election in each area. The Home Office believes that the electorate can all use the internet to find out about the candidates by visiting the web pages they have each created. They are happy for candidates to spend up to £100,000 on an election campaign but they are not funding any information to go to every household as has been the practice in government elections. They have however launched an advertising campaign to persuade us to vote TV advert

Only candidates with a robust party political machine or significant funding from other sponsors behind them stand any chance of putting their case to every household in the area. What has happened to British democracy when we find ourselves in a situation where the votes can only be won by those with the greatest resources and people can buy public office? When did we suddenly become little America?   This only serves to further convince me that the Police Commissioner should be free from party politics and sponsorship by wealthy individuals and private concerns. I am probably as concerned about some of the independent candidates throwing their hats into the ring. I have repeatedly asked, as have other people in Lincolnshire, one of the candidates – Mervyn Barrett OBE – how he is managing to fund his campaign which includes checking into the best hotel in town and leaflets for every household. Allegedly  he has the support of major donors but he is very coy when it comes  to identifying those donors. Such secrecy does not give me any real faith or trust in this candidate I  have come to the conclusion that I will use my vote for a truly independent candidate 15th November. David Bowles has an excellent track record of standing up to party politicians and fighting for what is right for Lincolnshire.  He is self funding and relying on support ‘in kind’ from friends, family and former colleagues. Take a look at his website Vote David Bowles


4 thoughts on “Undermining Democracy? PCC Elections

  1. You are right “On the button” Jane. The Govt has behaved despicably and even fixed the date just after the party’s annual conferecne to get maximum free publicity for their candidates

    Also anyone hiding such a key thing as huge private funding for such a key public position from the voters does not deserve any votes

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