So why do we need to Big Up the NHS?

This is a really great idea and I hope it will inspire others… The NHS is by no means perfect but it is much better than what we could be faced with through privatisation by stealth – you only have to look at adult social care for the evidence of how damaging it could be. Read on, join in and save our wonderful public services…

Big Up the NHS

Let me start by being very clear – I don’t believe the NHS is perfect. As part of my job I see all the complaints for my hospital and they are heart-breaking. There is no doubt that some patients receive poor treatment, that staff can sometimes be uncaring and that on occasions things can go very wrong. I know that the NHS complaints process is clunky and ineffective and that it often leaves patients and relatives more distressed than when they started. I accept that we find it difficult to learn from our mistakes and that whistle-blowers can get a rough deal.

Yet the NHS has a lot to commend it. It is the only health service in the world that is completely free at the point of need without any reference to financial means. Our outcomes are world class though we spend much less per head than most equivalent…

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