Moving on

IMG_0472Who knows, I might find more time to write now that I have retired from academia.

I am not sure how I will fill my  time now, I want to draw breath until at least the end of the year then see what is missing from my life.  In the meantime increased dog walking, pilates and sewing will certainly be a start. I know a certain individual who will be happy.

Recently I was invited to write a couple of items for other blogs so for now you will just have to make do with links to those.

Say hello and wave goodbye!


Locks and Bars

I was brought up in Rugby, Warwickshire and have fond memories as a child watching the narrow boats on the canals nearby and the development of a lucrative holiday industry. Several decades later I decided it was time to try a week on a narrow boat – one of those bucket list events. It being the summer of rain (so far) I was a bit nervous about being in a confined space if the heavens did open and also wondered if I should be especially vigilant if I saw animals ‘two by two’ looking shiftily in our direction, but I need not have worried at all. two by two!The weather was fairly kind, there were no stowaway unicorns and we had a really interesting time which, although hard work, was relaxing as we chugged along at 3mph.

As ever, something did strike me as being worthy of a word or two…. Continue reading

….. you mean there are no seats?!

I am clearly getting a tad long in the tooth for nights standing to watch bands as this morning my feet and legs ache from an excellent evening at Lincoln Drill Hall. But a jolly fine time it was so I am not complaining, still a rock chick at heart. Continue reading

Diamond Life

Today is just amazing. The light is incredible, the sky a Mediterranean blue and yet it was minus double figures when I was out on my walk with Ralph. I can safely say I have never ever seen frost quite like it and am quite certain my amateur photography has not done it justice – but I will share it anyway.

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The trees had frost that must have been over a centimetre long and it was o light to the touch that the grasses were able to stand upright. The patterns were so intricate. As it fell from the vegetation it was like slivers of diamonds floating gently to the ground.

The world of Ralph

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Welcome to the world of Ralph, a border collie obsessed with chasing balls and cars – none of which are featured in these photos as it is not a pretty sight! I thought a few pictures of the creature that keeps me fit and sane would be a fitting start.

The posts that follow will cover a range of subjects including my professional interests of public relations, communications, teaching in higher education, student employability and my personal interests in our society and my hobbies such as dogs, eating and drinking.