Locks and Bars

I was brought up in Rugby, Warwickshire and have fond memories as a child watching the narrow boats on the canals nearby and the development of a lucrative holiday industry. Several decades later I decided it was time to try a week on a narrow boat – one of those bucket list events. It being the summer of rain (so far) I was a bit nervous about being in a confined space if the heavens did open and also wondered if I should be especially vigilant if I saw animals ‘two by two’ looking shiftily in our direction, but I need not have worried at all. two by two!The weather was fairly kind, there were no stowaway unicorns and we had a really interesting time which, although hard work, was relaxing as we chugged along at 3mph.

As ever, something did strike me as being worthy of a word or two…. Continue reading


Is anybody out there?

Earlier this week I took part in #CommsChat after a significant absence. It was good to get amongst familiar Tweeters and meet some new ones. The topic was Blogger Relations, something we PRs are going to have to get to grips with as part of our integrated communications strategies.
The debate was wide-ranging and you can read my opinion on one aspect on the blog site of one of my former students, the talented Jess Hodkinson  PR Company .
Another aspect that intrigued me was audience. Crucial to any PR activity is the audience, or as we fondly call these folks, our publics. Traditional media have it pretty well sussed for us they have mountains of information about audience profiles, reach, opportunities to see and hear – you know the kind of thing. But blogs? What do the bloggers know about their readership? And further more, isn’t the point of a blog to engage in a two-way (symmetrical even) communication? Continue reading

just a personal opinion….

I thought I would share this item with you, written about how one person can damage a reputation without really doing their research properly. I agree with the author, this is just one person’s own opinion….

Twitter’s a Ghost Town …

and then ….

Twitter remains the most popular ….

Sorry, I’ve neglected you

I have not been looking after this blog for a while as I have been distracted by a new ‘pup’ …. lincolnpublicrelationsalumni.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk

The new blog is a way of connecting former PR students from Lincoln University with each other and to provide a place for current and would be students to see what they can achieve.  It seems appropriate to mention this now as we celebrate Lincoln rising to 47 in The Guardian’s Higher Education League table.

moving forward

Teaching has come to an end and I am patiently waiting for the next pile of marking to arrive. It’s been an interesting time settling in to the  Lincoln School of Journalism at the University of Lincoln and writing the new Public Relations Programmes ready for September. I am really pleased to have made the move as it has allowed me to devise programmes that I think reflect the way in which PR is developing for the future and that will give students the right skills and knowledge for a career in PR. Continue reading

….. you mean there are no seats?!

I am clearly getting a tad long in the tooth for nights standing to watch bands as this morning my feet and legs ache from an excellent evening at Lincoln Drill Hall. But a jolly fine time it was so I am not complaining, still a rock chick at heart. Continue reading

Brand Anarchy – managing corporate reputation

by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington,

Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 978-1-4081-5722-0

What a joy to read a book written by two well established and authoritative practitioners of the dark arts of Public Relations – even if they did start life as Journalists! They take a well informed look at the rise and diversification of media platforms on which brands can be built and sacrificed. The book recognises how the role of the Public Relations Practitioner endeavouring to manage reputations is changing and becoming ever more complex. I was delighted to see within the first few words the acknowledgment that control has never been the honest working premise but the ability to connect with the customers, audience, publics – call them what you will – is the authentic route to success. Continue reading