I had to ‘Share This’

When a book has the title Share This I guess the only thing to do is to share it. Once again the CIPR have come up with a handbook for PR Professionals that is easy to digest and full of little nuggets of information. I shall certainly add it to me list of useful reads for the students at the University of Lincoln. Once again i find myself waving my Stephen Waddington fan club banner as he has to take credit as the editor. Continue reading


When branding damages reputation – London 2012 ‘inspire a generation’?

So, today, the BBC news team have moved from Salford back to London for the duration of the Olympics. I sincerely hope all goes well and there are no unpleasant incidents of any kind. We have seen the Olympic torch make its way around the country in some vain attempt to make us all feel part of London 2012, regardless of where in GB we reside. Tonight it will make its way across the set of Eastenders which for me trivialises the whole pageant, but hey I am not a fan and easily made grumpy! Continue reading

moving forward

Teaching has come to an end and I am patiently waiting for the next pile of marking to arrive. It’s been an interesting time settling in to the  Lincoln School of Journalism at the University of Lincoln and writing the new Public Relations Programmes ready for September. I am really pleased to have made the move as it has allowed me to devise programmes that I think reflect the way in which PR is developing for the future and that will give students the right skills and knowledge for a career in PR. Continue reading

Brand Anarchy – managing corporate reputation

by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington,

Published by Bloomsbury ISBN 978-1-4081-5722-0

What a joy to read a book written by two well established and authoritative practitioners of the dark arts of Public Relations – even if they did start life as Journalists! They take a well informed look at the rise and diversification of media platforms on which brands can be built and sacrificed. The book recognises how the role of the Public Relations Practitioner endeavouring to manage reputations is changing and becoming ever more complex. I was delighted to see within the first few words the acknowledgment that control has never been the honest working premise but the ability to connect with the customers, audience, publics – call them what you will – is the authentic route to success. Continue reading

The larks are ascending …

It is absolutely glorious weather and I am enjoying the unseasonal sunshine and warmth enormously. Today I was especially happy to be out early listening to the skylarks and lapwings that populate the fields near my home as I had spent the last two days in the London area where the only sound seemed to be the constant thrum of traffic, interspersed all too often with the sirens of the emergency vehicles making their way round the capital.

I was making a pleasurable business trip to visit University of Lincoln Public Relations students at their placement year offices. The trip took me to Bracknell, Brentford and Camden Town; I seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time on trains but I got to see some amazing sites and some amazing people. Continue reading

Diary of a social media event blogger….

In a recent blog I mentioned I had attended the LincUpLive #LUL360 conference at which a numebr of my students were part of the media team live blogging, tweeting and taking photographs. Two of the team  were engaged in live tweeting the event also produced a diary of the day. So, in the words of Rebecca Brandreth and Lucy Bingham here’s a diary of a social media blogger…. Continue reading